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Today’s reviewer is Brady O’Callahan!  Brady O’Callahan is an actor, improviser, and writer based in New York City. He can be seen performing regularly at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre with the team Apollo and elsewhere in the city with Warren and Sound Machine. Brady is also a contributing writer for Chart Throb (, a pop music blog. Follow him on twitter: @bradyocallahan.

Brady O’Callahan: See, here’s the thing: “Wonderful Christmastime” is just about the cheesiest song in the universe. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, though. I’m not here lecture everyone about the merits of truly emotional/personal songwriting. I’m here to talk about a cover of a great, albeit cheesy, Christmas song.

A quick Wikipedia dig tells me Rahsaan Patterson wrote Brandy’s “Baby” (uh, no duh jam city) and Tevin Campbell’s “Back to the Wolrd” (homie played Powerline in A Goofy Movie so this is straight fire no doubt). He has a bit of a pedigree. I mean, he at least knows his way around some pop R&B.

Yo, let me say this again, NOT A BAD THING, pop R&B is nothing but what the French call “fromage” (s/o to that one episode of Dexter’s Laboratory where he falls asleep with a “Learn French” tape on so he doesn’t need to study for a test but it skips and all he learns to say is “cheese omelette.” “Fromage” means cheese, you guys.). You guys know that beloved R. Kelly song? “Ignition (Remix)”? How he’s like, “Let me stick my key in your ignition.” That’s cheesy as cheddar, baby, and you guys FUCKING LOVE IT.

I love it too. If I want poetry, I’ll listen to Joni Mitchell, bruh. When I want cheese from now on, I’m coming straight for Rahsaan Patterson. I ain’t no Grinch. 8/10.

Dylan: One of the most influential albums on me was The-Dream’s “Love King.”  Oh man, is that album good.  The-Dream is the king of, not just love, but also that bombastic, ridiculous R&B.  R&B has been on the rise the last few years.  Drake is one of the most popular dudes in the game right now.  Rahsaan kills this track I think.  Sure it’s absolutely ridiculous, but I’ll be damned if I didn’t smile to myself during that dude’s auto-tuned romp through a R&B winter wonderland. The last “simply having” outro is so fly, I can’t even begin to do it justice through text, let alone the sax solo at the end.  This cover is funky and it’s fun.  Enjoy dancing to this one under red and green lights in the club. 8/10.

Dylan had me as a guest in his December long Wonderful Christmastime Extravaganza, and he couldn’t have asked me to review a better song.


Marissa Nadler - Apostle / The Wrecking Ball Company

Dammit.  It was a huge mistake not going to see Marissa Nadler when she came to town a month or so back.  I’ll never make that same mistake twice.

So.  Intensely.  Beautiful.


#41 Taylor Swift feat. Ed Sheeran - “Everything Has Changed”

Karin: At first I was like “I hate it.” But, then the song kept going and I changed my mind. Like complete 180, I loved it. And then I got bored. It’s a pretty song, Taylor sings pretty songs. I like the chorus, her voice sounds great. The video is sweet if like, a little weird, but sweet. Par for the Taylor Swift course. 7/10

Brady: If Taylor Swift is the voice of the upcoming generation of young women, we might be the tiniest bit in trouble.  But man, what a lovely voice she has.  She is such an excellent songwriter, and man she works her ass off, huh?  It’s great to see her in this stripped down duet format after her brief, but wonderful, flirtations with dub WOBBLES in “I Knew You Were Trouble.”  Keep it up, homegirl.  You’re great. 7/10

Brian: I wish more ballads, especially country ballads were like this. Really the opposite of that Carrie Underwood song. Sweet, soulful, stripped-down. Maybe a little too samey for too long, but overall super solid. 7/10

7’s across the board!  JACKPOT!



#17 Mariah Carey feat. Miguel “#Beautiful”

EDITOR’S NOTE: We do not look at each other’s reviews when writing our own. This is ridiculous.

Brady: This was a really good idea, whoever was in charge of putting this collaboration together.  Miguel released probably the sexiest record of last year, and Mariah is the queen bee of sensual pop hits.  Man, she can still hit those high ones, huh?  The last 20 seconds of this song are arguably the best.  Lose the damn hashtag, though.  That will date this song so much.  That was a really bad idea, whoever was in charge of naming this song. 8/10

Brian: Oh man, those two voices together. WHO CAME UP WITH THIS PAIRING? GIVE THEM A NOBEL PRIZE IN CHEMISTRY! So smooth, fun, and playful that I’ll ignore the hashtag in the title and just pretend that was a typo. 8/10

If there’s two things Brian and I agree on, it’s Mariah Carey and singers who sound like Mariah Carey.

Honestly, you guys.  We do not look at each other’s reviews before writing.  This is insane.


#10 Ariana Grande feat. Mac Miller - “The Way”

Brady: Getting strong Mariah Carey vibes from this one.  Which is ridiculous.  What was Ariana 4 years old when “Honey” came out?  Very clearly she has a super cool older sister that handed her Daydream at some point and Ariana just took to it.  “I got a bad boy, I must admit.”  You kidding me?  Mac Miller as Mase?  You know what, I love this.  Where’s the 16 year old obsessed with Ready for the World? 8/10

Brian: I had to wiki Ariana Grande to find out who the hell she is (some Nickelodeon star), and wikipedia had this to say about her voice “While most critics give Grande a good review, some feel that she is too much like The Songbird Supreme [Songbird Supreme is a link to Mariah Carey].” Hilarious PR flak wikipedia editing aside, this is the best Mariah Carey song in years. Mac Miller, who is Mike Skinner if Mike Skinner owned a bunch of dirt bikes, delivers a couple inconsequential verses. A borderline 7-8 propelled over the edge by some “must be the mon-ay” style “ays!” 8/10

Brian Glidewell and I tackle the best and worst (apparently America still thinks it’s the best?) of pop music in our new blog Chart Throb.

We definitely don’t always agree, but since we definitely do on this track, it probably means we’re right.  You don’t both serendipitously reference Mariah Carey and adore this song without being accurate.

Man, this song is great.

Also, “Mac Miller, who is Mike Skinner if Mike Skinner owned a bunch of dirt bikes” is my favorite piece of music journalism in the past 10 years.



Julaugust - A Moresongs Mixtape

We crafted this mix towards the end of summer last year, because we never wanted summer to end.

We kept it in the vault through all these cold months, because the leaves started to fall.

That won’t happen again.  We’re certain of it.  It’s warm now.  And it always will be.

Download on Soundcloud.

Share with your friends.  Roll the windows down.  Turn the volume up.  Chill out.

Welcome to ENDLESS SUMMER.  We hope you love it as much as we do.

~ Moresongs

Last chance to snag this moresongs mixtape (conveniently at least.  I’ll happily give it to you always).  New one coming very soon.

"Here’s a song similar to the one you like.  It is exactly the same song as the song you like." - Pandora

"Here’s a song similar to the one you like.  It is exactly the same song as the song you like." - Pandora

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