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The Wake-Up Reel from Matthew S. Starr on Vimeo.


New Sketch for Monday Morning.

The Wake-Up Reel: An Actor’s Display of Waking Up

Created by and Starring Matthew Starr
Featuring Jackie Jennings, Susan Casey, Veronica Osorio, and Brady O’Callahan.

Check it out!

Love this.

Quoddy Workshop - Lewiston, Maine from Oliver Wilkins on Vimeo.




With the recent boost from Woost God, it looks like people really appreciate these well produced videos of craftsmanship in menswear.  I will continue to reblog some of my older ones from when I first started and find new ones.  This one was found on the Indigo and Cotton blog.    

The Quoddy workshop in Maine is an amazing place, the craftsman are extremely skilled and very friendly and open. Special thanks to Dan for giving such a great insight. -Director

two in one day

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A day at a bespoke shoemakers

At John Lobb, one of Britain’s last remaining bespoke shoemakers, little has changed since 1849. Perri Lewis unlocks the door to a lost world of craftsmanship

Instant cobbler reblog.

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We made a short film.  It is called “Bone Dry.”

Directed and edited by Matt Starr with music by Kevin O’Donnell and sound by Russ Armstrong.

I am so proud of this video. “Bone Dry” is a sketch from Klepper and Grey’s live show Baggage. We shot it at Coney Island. So much fun to work with such talented people. Please watch it again and again. 

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